English 9

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Guidelines & Expectations

Guidelines and Expectations 2011-2012: G&E 2011-12 9CP.pdf

Guidelines and Expectations Graphic Organizer: G&E 2011-2012 Graphic Organizer.pdf


Apostrophes: Apostrophes @ OWL

Practice Quiz Online: Here

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet Act by Act Graphic Organizer R+J Graphic Organizer.docx.pdf

Romeo & Juliet Self Assessment AllTheWorld'sAStage_SA.pages

Who Am I Right Now? Multigenre Project

Identity Grid identity grid fall 2011.pages
Genre Examples: Menu & Recipe MG Recipe-Menu.PDF
MG Self Portrait Example Multigenre Self Portrait Example.PDF
MG Self Portrait Graphic Organizer MG Example Analysis Graphic Organizer.pdf

The Danger of a Single Story

Who Do I Want to Be?

Role Models

Article: 6 ways to identify your true talents
Role Model Goals Graphic Organizer

Role Model 5 Paragraph Essay

5P Essay KWL Brainstorm 9 CP 5 P Essay KWL.mindnode
Intro Hooks & Thesis Examples with Comments Intro Role Model Essays with Comments.pages

MUGShot Role Model MUGshot 11-15.pages

To Kill a Mockingbird

external image b70-9911
Three 4 Thinking.pdf

Screenshots for Analysis Here

Of Mice & Men

Graphic Organizer 1 OfM&M Graphic Organizer 1-17(1).pages
Graphic Organizer 2 OfM&M Graphic Organizer 17-37.pages
Graphic Organizer 3 OMAM Graphic Organizer RM 38-68.pages or OMAM Graphic Organizer RM 38-68.pdf

The Independent Project

Sir Ken Robinson



Short Article About Khan Academy
Longer Article About Khan Academy
Another Article!
TED Talk Video

Everything Above This Line Is the Current Year

Everything Below This Line Is Archival