Humanities 9

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Guidelines & Expectations & Orientation

Guidelines and Expectations 2011-2012:G&E 2011-12 Humanities.pdf
Guidelines and Expectations Graphic Organizer 2012: G&E 2011-2012 Graphic Organizer.pdf

Class Room Anthropology: identity bags GO.pages

Goals Sheet: HumanitiesGoals.pages


What is Humanities?

Romeo & Juliet

Essential Questions:

What Does It Mean to Be a Teenager?

How Has Being a Teenager Changed Over Time?

To What Extent Are Male & Female Teenagers Different? Similar?

All the World's a Stage Self Assessment AllTheWorld'sAStage_SA.pages

Romeo & Juliet Act Graphic Organizer R&J Act by Act Graphic Organizer Complete.pdf

5 Paragraph Essay: To What Extent Do I Think & Behave Like a Typical Teenager?

Introductory Paragraph & Thesis Examples Teenage Thinking Intro Examples.pdf
Conclusion Paragraph Examples

Whole New Mind


Left & Right Brain Creativity Survey Here

Doodling to Think Doodling to Think.pdf

Article: How to Tap Into the Right Side Here

GIST form GIST template revised.pages or GIST template revised.pdf

WNM Portfolio Project

Use this checklist to complete the project.


GIST form GIST template revised.pages or GIST template revised.pdf

Movie Posters

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

Use this to CRAP-ify your Graphic Design (We used it with Store Advertisement in class)

GIST form GIST template revised.pdf or GIST template revised.pages


Please take this quiz!

It Gets Better

GIST template revised.pages or GIST template revised.pdf
Freedom from fear.PDF
Out of Darkness.PDF
Transsexual Prairie Girl.PDF


Clay Shirky & Cognitive Surplus

Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus from Penguin Books on Vimeo.


Story of the New MBHS
PDT Architect's Video of the New Building Here
Collection of BlueprintsNew MBHS In Phases.pdf

The Great Depression vs The Great Recession and Beyond

[[file:Self-Assessment TKaM:OMaM.pdf]]Self Assessment for TKAM/OMAM Project

The Story of the Crash of 1929 Video Here

How Do We Get By When Times Are Tough?

Specialty Foods & Humanities Mini Unit

Links to Use to Answer the Essential Question: How Do We Get By When Times Are Tough?

  1. Food Timeline Here
  2. Dining through the Decades: A Food Timeline of America Here
  3. Cooking Between the Wars: Look at Food in BRITAIN during the 1930s Here
  4. Food as a Lens: Looking at Food in the 1930s Here
  5. Library of Congress: Voices from The Dust Bowl Here
  6. Library of Congress: Personal Histories of Some Mainers During the Great Depression Here
  7. American Experience Video: Surviving the Dust Bowl Here
  8. Images of the Great Depression Here
  9. History Channel Video: The Great Depression Here
  10. MSN Money: Great Depression vs. The Great Recession Here
  11. Flickr Search: 1930s magazines Here
  12. Google Books: LIFE Magazine Here
  13. Entertainment during the Great Depression Here
  14. Finding Ways to Have Fun During the Great Depression Here

Group B Survey Work

Group A Survey Work

Group C Survey Work

"What is and What Could Be" -- Essay Writing

TED talk - Nancy Duarte about great speeches and presentations (and structure)

PDF Version of Nancy Duarte's structure to apply to our Essay Writing