Core Literacy Strategies at MBHS

Understanding the Core Literacy Strategies Concept Sort
Interactive Template (Pages) Closed Concept Sort - Core Strategies, Mt. Blue.pages
Integrating the Core Literacy Strategies Across the Content Areas LiteracyStrategyIntegration.isf

The Core

Concept Sort
Interactive Template (Pages) Closed Concept Sort Template.pages

Cornell Note-Taking System

Double/Triple Entry Journals/Notetaking

Frayer Squares
Frayer Square Template "Definition" (Word) Frayer template Definition.doc
Frayer Square Template "Qualities" (Word) Frayer template Qualities.doc

GIST Template from Darlene Bassett (Word - .docX) GIST.docx
GIST Template from IRA/NCTE (Word) GIST template IRA-NCTE.doc
Reading to Use for GIST Practice,8599,1940395,00.html
Hattie DeRaps' Use of GIST with Students

Interactive Word Wall
Hattie DeRaps' Word Wall Work

KWL (Know-Want-Learn)
KWL Template from IRA/NCTE (Word) KWL Template IRA-NCTE.doc
Further Information about KWL at SEDL Here

QAR (Question-Answer Relationships -- Explicit, Implicit, Scriptual)
Right There, Author and Me, On My Own, Think and Search

RAFT (Role-Audience-Format-Topic)
RAFT Template from Darlene Bassett (Word - .docX) RAFT.docx
Strong Verbs to Consider When Building a RAFT (Word - .docX) Strong Verbs to Consider when Formulating a RAFT.docx

One Way to Conduct a Think-Pair-Share Strategy

One Way to Conduct a Think-a-Loud Strategy

Text Connections
Text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world.

More Ways to Think about Thinking, Understanding, and Problem Solving

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    Working with Analogies

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