Pop Culture

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Guidelines & Expectations

Guidelines and Expectations 2011-2012: G&E 2011-12 Pop Culture.pdf

Guidelines and Expectations Graphic Organizer 2012:G&E 2011-2012 Graphic Organizer.pdf

Sites You'll Need

The A/V Club Here

Mashable Here

Spin.com Here

Wired Here

Graphic Organizers You'll Need

GIST GIST template.pages

GIST (PDF) GIST template.pdf

Text Reflection (PDF) ArticleReadingReflection1.pdf

Video Games

E307 Portfolio Checklist e307 checklist.pages

Zombies, Run! Professional example of E307 Project Here


Mixtape Titles Mixtape choices.pdf

Album Art A.K.A. The Forgotten Art

10 Iconic Album Covers (Yahoo) Here

99 Well Designed Album Covers (Inspiredology) Here

21 Great Albums with Not So Great Art (AV Club) Here

Lego'd Album Covers (IndyPosted) Here

Weezer's Blue Album Here vs. The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Here

Create-A-Band Process

1. Go to the Random Article link on the Wikipedia front page. (You can find it in the top left navigation menu.) The title of the random article is your new band's name.

2. Go to the Random Quote link on the Quotations Page front page. (You can find it in the left side navigation menu.) You will get a list of random quotes. Pull either a full or partial quote from that page. That is the album title for your band's latest release. (You might also find some song titles this way as well.)

3. Go to Flickr and click on the 'Interesting Uploads from the Last 7 Days' link. (You can find it by scrolling down and looking beside the 'Take the Tour' link.)

4. Pull that information together and then use a word processor like Pages or Word, a photo editor like iPhoto or Gimp, or any other application that lets you manipulate words and images, and create your album cover.

While doing the above, think about what genre your band performs. Who is in your band? Where do they play? What is the history behind them? Etc. Try to create a world for your band.

Music Criticism

Music Criticism Portfolio Music Criticism 2011.pdf

Musical Connections

Inspiration Music Map Updated 2011 Music Mapping update 10-11.isf


Film Festival Rubric

Film Festival Overview & Guidelines Sheet Pop Culture Film Festival.pages

Film Trailer Feature Analysis Chart Movie Trailer Feature analysis.pages

Developing the Pitch

Check Out Some Good Suggestions & Strategies Here

Selling Your Personal Story

Selling the Perfect Pitch


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How to Storyboard. IndyMogul

Why Storyboard? LOTR

Why Storyboard? Superman Returns

Film Posters

The Internet Movie Poster Awards
Chisholm Poster Gallery
Movie Poster Database

The Film Industry in Infographics

Overview of Infographics Here
Daily Infographic: Movies Here
Film Industry Infographics from Canal+:

Reality Television

This American Life: A Bachelorette Discovery (It's the Prologue of This Episode) Here
The A.V. Club: Pros & Cons of Reality TV Here
Salon: Is Reality TV Good for Girls? Here

Social Networks


Pop Culture Final Project

Film Trailer Self Assessment Trailer project self assessment.pages