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Watchmen Chapter Graphic Organizer
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Watchmen Project: Graphic Thinking
Proposal Due Day After Last Reading

Comics as Literature

Scott McCloud on the Art and Cognition of Comics at TED Visit this link here as major contributors to the medium of comics comment upon work by one of the all time greats, arguably the single most important comic book artist in the history of superhero comics: Jack Kirby.

A Brief Look at Historical Superhero & Genre Comics

Go to Here and Look for the Publisher "Shoulders of Giants" If It Doesn't Pop Right Up
  • Browse the variety of comics here -- pay careful attention to the publication dates -- it gives a great time capsule for what was popular and when and allows you to explore the sort of comics that inspired work such as Watchmen
  • Note: you only get a five page preview. That's still enough to get feel for the flavor.

Go the The Digital Comics Museum Here and behold how much you can preview. A tremendous collection of resources and you do not have to register if you simply preview the title, rather than download it. These are public domain works now.

Heroic Archetype & Monomyth

The culmination of work based on Joseph Campbell's research show in graphic form here
A superb site on myths and archetypes at here

Allusions & References to Illuminate Watchmen

Music of Watchmen

Bob Dylan
Desolation Row
All Along the Watchtower

Thus Spake Zarathustra
More about Nietzsche here

Rorschach and the Inkblot Test

More information here
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external image Rorschach_blot_04.jpg
external image Rorschach_blot_08.jpg

Biblical References and Readings

Genesis Chapter 18
Job Chapter 30

Historical & Scientific Matter Worth a Closer Look

History of Atomic Energy Here
Go digging through well considered articles AND multimedia

History of Richard Nixon's Presidency Here
Lots of tremendous and unbiased information here including lots of primary source documents AND multimedia
William Blake
The Tyger

Playhouse 90: The Comedian by Rod Serling

Eleanor Farjeon
Hallowe`en DEAD LINK
Incredibly difficult poem to find online -- keep checking back

C.S. Jung
Memories, Dreams, Reflections Text at DEAD LINK Working On Another
Page 326 has the quote in context.
Austin Kleon's Visual Notetaking Exploration of Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Resource to Help Understand Jungian Ideas/Symbols/Imagery

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Examining Watchmen

Watchmen Footnotes on Comic Geek Speak Podcast

Issue #1 (Jog ahead to around min. 33 to get right into the discussion of the book.)

Discussions for Each Chapter Can Be Found here

Chapter 2 Here
Chapter 3 Here
Chapter 4 Here
Chapter 5 Here
Chapter 6 Here
Chapter 7 Here
Chapter 8 Here
Chapter 9 Here
Chapter 10 Here
Chapter 11 Here
Chapter 12 Here

Watchmen and Philosophy: A Rorschach Test
Superheroes and Supermen: Finding Nietzsche's Ubermensch in Watchmen [[file/view/Superheroes and Supermen.pdf|Superheroes and Supermen.pdf]]
"Why Don't You Go Read a Book or Something?" Watchmen as Literature [[file/view/Why Don't You Go Read a Book or Something.pdf|Why Don't You Go Read a Book or Something.pdf]]
Watchwomen [[file/view/Watchwomen.pdf|Watchwomen.pdf]]

The Crafting of Watchmen

Alan Moore
The Alan Moore Interview Index
Some Downloadable Alan Moore Comics -- Free and Legal -- As Well as Six Pages of Watchmen Scripts!
Compare Moore's Watchmen Script to a Spider-Man Script by Major Comics Writer Brian Michael Bendis USM112.doc
Watch a Documentary on the Man Himself -- Be Warned, He Is a Unique Cat

Dave Gibbons
WordBalloon Podcast Interview with the Artist of Watchmen -- Scroll Down to the Blog Entry and Click the Title to Hear the Show

Nuclear Fallout Shelters



A video supporting/showcasing fallout shelters in the homes of U.S. citizens.

An example of a fallout shelter. Note the survival items shown.